Crowns - Cracked Tooth

Bridges - Bridges

If you have a severely worn, badly decayed, or cracked tooth, a crown will restore structural integrity to get you smiling again! At Escala Family Dentistry, Dr. Escala designs and places white, custom crowns that look natural, feel terrific, and provide long-lasting protection.

Crowns completely cover teeth to restore shape and size. They provide a barrier against decay and safeguard a tooth from further injury. Dr. Escala creates all-white crowns that blend seamlessly with natural teeth.

Implant - Anterior Implant

Did you know, research shows that people with missing teeth don't live as long as those with full smiles? Losing teeth can also make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious about your appearance. With implant dentistry, Dr. Escala can repair your smile comfortably and restore your optimal dental health with natural looking restorations. If you are missing one or more teeth or even wear a full or partial denture, dental implants may represent the best solution for a strong, attractive smile.

Dental implants are small, biocompatible titanium posts placed below the gum, in the jaw, to replace missing teeth roots. Once your mouth heals, the implant post creates a lifelike emergence from your gums, just like your natural teeth. Of all the dental technology available, dental implants provide the closest replacement option to your natural teeth, so patients can smile without embarrassment and eat with confidence.